News - 2010

In Belgium 18.12

My El Minja`s Solar Kyi

won the Titel Belgium Winner2010


He also got the Qualiflying
Award FCI Centerary
World Champion of Champions.
And Qualiflying for Cruft .

Thank you to Sylvia
and to
Judge Steven Seymour (uk)

In Holland 11.12

My El Minja`s Solar Kyi


Thank you Judge W, Schander
Sylvia you are the best..

In Rouen France 04.12

My El Minja`s Solar Kyi

took a new CAC CACIB BOS

Thank you to Judge Martin Baskeran
and to

Solar`s Breeder Sylvia

My El Minja`s Solar Kyi

Eurodogs winner in Belgium 20.11


Judge Jill Peak (UK)

An Tan Wu`s Metis of Jupiter

CAC BOS in Norway Orkanger 14.11

Jugde Pernilla Hallgren (S)

Multi CH El Minja`s Luna

are now a Danich CH and a Nordic CH

Int Danmark 07.11

 Judge Annukka Paloheimo (F)

Metis was 3 best male

I am so proude of my 18 month old boy


Multi CH El Minja`s Solar

In Germany 30.10


Judge  Resi Rubbelreke



Multi CH El Minja`s Solar

In Germany 26.09



I an so proud of Sylvia and Solar..

In Germany 19.09

Multi CH El Minja`s Solar Kyi


Tibetanian Spesial show

A big Thank`s to Sylvia and Frank.


NMHK Trøndelag 05.09

An Tan Wu`s Metis CAC BOS  

Judge Frode Jevne

Steinkjer Hundeklubb 04.09

An Tan Wu`s Metis CAC BOS  

Judge Henrik Johansson  

Tronheim Hundefestival

An Tan Wu`s Metis CAC BOS  

Judge Svein Helgesen

In Chateau Contier France 22 aug

Multi Champion El Minja`s Solar Kyi 
CAC BOS under Judge Mr. F Tappaz-Misson 

Thank you Sylvia and Frank. 

Tallinn Estonia 22 Aug

Judge S.Petic

NO SE EST UCH El Minja`s Luna


 An Tan Wu`s Metis  Ck and 3. best male

Tallinn Estonia 21 Aug

Judge Dubravka Reicher

An Tan Wu`s Metis  

win Intermediate class /ck

and run up as 2. best male w/ CACIB 

he is only 15.5 month old

 NO SE El Minja`s Luna
and she became Estland Champion  2. bitch.


Norwegian Winner Show

Aug 15 Judge Michel Camac

An Tan Wu`s Metis 

win Junior class w/ck
and run up to male totaly .

In this show it was 38 entered Lhasa`s

 An Tan Wu`s Pheobe

win Intermediate class w/ck

over 7 bitches

and run up to the last 5 Bithes totaly

International Show at Bjerke Oslo

Aug 14 Judge Ingela Nilsson

An Tan Wu`s Metis

win Juniorclass w/ck
and Qualify for Cruft 2011 

An Tan Pheobe  win Intermediate class w/ck 

BEST IN SHOW 16.07.10 Våler Norway

N-S UCH El Minja`s Luna

Thank you Jugde Mery Chantal

Thank you Judge Wilde De August

for the BIS 

An Tan Wu`s Metis CC 2. Male

An Tan Wu`s Pheobe CC 5. bitch


An Tan Wu`s Metis CAC BOS

An Tan Wu`s Pheobe CAC 2. bitch


Thank you Judge Gunnilla Skallman 

Vestnes 11.07.10

An Tan Wu`s Metis  CAC BOB

An Tan Wu`s "Fiffi" CAC BOS

Thank you Judge Marion Spavin (UK) 

FCI World Dog Show
Circut Show In Denmark

We had a fantastic Show.

N-S-DK Uch Nordic Champion is now

 El Minja`s Solar Kyi new title:

At the Special Lhasa Apso Show
Solar won open Class,
and run up to 2. best male

At WDS Solar got  Very god .

Solar`s breeder is helping me in the ring.
Thank you Sylvia

An Tan Wu`s Metis Of Jupiter

BOB Junior of the day.

At The special Show Metis
won Junior class and rup up to 3. 
best male I am so proud of my littel man.
It was 34 male dogs

At WDS Metis got Exelent

Metis &"Fiffi"

An Tan Wu`s Pheobe Of Jupiter

BOS Junior of the day

At The special Show
"Fiffi" won Junior class
and rup up to 3.rd best bitch
I am so proud of my littel baby.  
It was 31 bitch at the show

At WDS Fiffi got Very God

N-S Uch El Minja`s Luna

Luna run up to 4. best in Champion class

Thank you Judge Ramon Pedesta
for making my day...

22-24.05.10 We had a fantasic weekend

An Tan Wu`s Metis of Jupiter: CAC, BOB, BIS1

Lhasa Apso Specialty show 2010
His father S-N Uch El Minja`s Solar Kyi:

Best in show 3.

Breeder class HP

Thank you Judge: Neally Eilish





 N-S UCH El Minja`s Solar Kyi: BOB  

An Tan Wu`s Carme of Jupiter: CAC BOS

An Tan Wu`s Metis of Jupiter: 2.male CAC

An Tan Wu`s Pheobe of Jupiter: 2.  junior HP

 Father and Daughter

Thank you Inger for showing Carme so well 

This whas Carme and Inger`s first show.

Int Bergen

An Tan Wu`s Metis: CK 4. male

An Tan Wu`s Phoebe: CK 3. bitch

Judge Frode Jevne (N) 

Latvia Winner Show 2010

Luna 2.nd  Bitch Cacib


Solar 2. male  R- Cacib


Nkk Bø Internationale

Metis 2. Junior

Fiffi 3. Junior


The Last Puppieshow for Metis and "Fiffi"

in January